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Suzhou Yiai wedding dress factory is located in Suzhou. The creator is Ms. Liu. 20 years ago, when she was a young lady, she had been as an experienced worker for suit and dress in Japan. She was very interested in wedding dress and formal dress. She came back China and further studied from an old experienced handworker. Finally we factory was found in 2000. Ms.Liu and her like-minded experienced handicraftmens committed to do the high-end boutique customized wedding dresses for girls from all of the world. We believe that, fewer but better. We don't use the young and unfamiliar workers. Only the workers with interest, love, experience, can make the beautiful dress came out best. In order to better service, our customer servers all studied the professional knowledge about how to make dresses. Only professional suggestion and communication for u. Every girls, retailors, wholesalers, Yiaibridal Looking forward to be your Personal Tailor and Strong Business Supporter!